Planmeca ProFace™ 3D Photo System

Taly Dental Specialists is the first in San Diego to have this fully integrated soft tissue scan. This technology allows your periodontists to create a 3D image of your face, soft tissues and underlying bone structure all at once. This allows them to accurately plan your procedure beforehand, minimizing your surgery time.

ProFace™ 3D Photo System

Faster and Safer Gum Surgery

Planmeca ProFace™ is a 3D facial photo option available that produces a realistic 3D image of your face. This combined with the CT scan of underlying bone, produces a fully comprehensive look inside your facial soft tissues, bone and sinuses to help your doctor quickly and effectively diagnose and treat your periodontal disease. The 3D facial photo can also be acquired separately in a 100% radiation-free process for use in surgery planning software.

Benefits of ProFace 3-D Imaging

You can enjoy a safer, faster, and more comfortable session for dental x-rays with the ProFace 3-D Facial and Dental Imaging System.

  • Provides a comprehensive 3-D digital image of face and jaw
  • Useful for diagnosis of complex dental conditions
  • Faster, safer, and more comfortable
ProFace™ 3D Photo System