Patient Reviews


John Maynard

I have the highest praise for TALY Dental Specialists. I was referred to TALY Dental by dentist, Mark Griffiths. My wife Norma Maynard has also been a patient with TALY Dental for gum surgery. Dr. Flores, at TALY Dental, recommended removal of my three remaining wisdom teeth and treatment for bacterial gum infection. At the time I had been having bleeding gums after brushing my teeth for several months and the previous dental service I had been having, before visiting Dr. Griffiths, did not diagnose any of the problems or make any recommendations for correcting the problem. Dr. Flores removed my wisdom teeth and the bacterial infection without any pain and only minor discomfort. After Dr. Flores' corrective procedures, Dr. Griffith was able to place new veneers on my teeth and no I have very satisfactory oral health.

Rick Mortazavi

Dr. Flores has performed two successful gingival grafts on me. Dr. Flores is excellent at what he does and always takes the time to thoroughly explain everything to his patients. The TALY Dental office is very clean and modern and the office staff are always friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend TALY Dental to anyone who needs givingival work done.

Raquel Corrao

I have always made sure to take care of my teeth. It became a concern for me and my regular dentist when my teeth were not improving no matter how much I brushed and flossed. My dentist referred me to Taly Dental Specialists. I am so please that I am here receiving the care that has been given to me. My teeth are healthy and beautiful. Taly Dental Specialists are wonderful experts on my health for my smile.

D'Angelo Nightengale

D'Angelo Nightengale

I was initially impressed with this polished, heightened dental practice, but was blown away at my preoperative appointment with Zaira. Her polite professionalism gave me confidence that I will be in good hands. From the beginning and throughout treatment the staff always treated me with respect and was available to answer my post-operative questions. Under my surgeon's care I continued to heal well with no pain. I am confident that I made the right choice in choosing Taly for my needs.

Logan Keefe

I was stoked about Taly Dental Specialists from the first time I came in. The staff is friendly and I always feel welcome. The doctors are knowledgable and great at making you feel comfortable. My procedure was fast and painless with very little recovery time. Two years later I still feel welcome and always look forward to the fast and friendly experience at Taly Dental Specialists.

Yolanda Watkins

I must admit during my first visit at Taly Dental I was petrified. I had three teet removed along with grafting and bone marrow implant work completed. Dr. Huamán and Dr. Johnson both made me feel comfortable during my procedure. This was very important, especially since I have a dentist phobia. The entire staff made my visit/experience extremely pleasant, and after it was all said and done I was left with a lifetime big beautiful smile.

Rodney Lowell

My experience with the outstanding doctors and staff at Taly Dental have been second to none. When I came to Taly I was a periodontal wreck. I had to have gum grafts, periodontal work, and tooth implant. All without discomfort, and outstanding results. Periodontal issues can affect one's health and well-being. Thank you Taly I have my teeth and most important of all my health.

John Hickman

I would like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at Taly Dental Specialists especially Dr. Flores, Dr. Huaman and all the staff that have made me feel like a part of their family. From Vanessa who always has a warm greeting at the door, to Evy who let me tear up as I discussed my payment options, every single team member in the office treats me with kindness and care that I have never experienced in a ny professional office. I am so blessed that I took the referral advice and ended up at your door. Thank you so much for changing my life and quite possibly saving it.